Celotex internal solid wall insulation application datasheet 7404

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Celotex internal solid wall insulation application datasheet 7404

SuperQuilt when used in 7404 a wall application celotex is equivalent to around 85mm celotex solid Rigid Board 7404 is usually datasheet around half the price per square metre! Solid celotex Floor insulation Partition Wall Roof:. SuperQuilt can be used to replace PIR products such as Kingspan or Celotex in all applications. Celotex TB4000 can 7404 be specified for use in a variety datasheet of applications including: • Pitched roofs • Flat roofs • Solid masonry walls • Timber framed & internal steel framed datasheet systems • Floors Specification Clause The insulation shall be 7404 Celotex TB4000 _ _ _ _ _ mm thick comprising a polyisocyanurate. They provide a permanent way of securing the Celotex insulation with as little fuss as possible. uk and select the application of interest.

Celotex internal solid wall insulation application datasheet 7404. Celotex XR4140 datasheet General Application Insulation Board 140mm x 1200mm x 2400mm celotex ( 2. Ideal option for internal solid wall insulation. solid Ideal option internal internal for internal solid wall insulation Is suitable for both direct bonding ( ' dot dab' ) , mechanically fixed installation techniques Offers the installer maximum flexibility installation speed due to the tapered edge solid plasterboard. Watch our wall online 7404 video datasheet to see How Easy it is to Fit the SuperQuilt Insulation Blanket.
Cavity and Internal Wall Insulation;. refer to the ‘ application’ pages of the website at celotex.

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Beware when combining different insulation materials. Check with respective manufacturers regarding possible condensation risks. Insulation applied directly to the wall Application • The relatively small depth of the build up makes this solution particularly suitable for applications where internal floor area is at a premium. Celotex TB4000 Insulation Board. Celotex TB4000, available in as thin as 12mm, is a high performance PIR insulation ideal for overcoming thermal bridging and for use in two layer build ups, including between and under rafters and over stud in timber frame wall lining applications.

celotex internal solid wall insulation application datasheet 7404

Celotex SW3000 is the perfect solution for the thermal upgrade of external solid walls. It provides a quick and easy method of achieving effective thermal insulation in external solid wall constructions where no insulation currently exists.